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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  September 24, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> breaking news tonight at 11:00. police have shut down the daily parking garage at dulles international airport. people park inside are not being allowed near their cars at this hour. both the hourly and economy lots are open. we're told flights aren't being affected by the police activity. as soon as we have more information about why there's been this clamp down on security there, we will bring
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it to you. that is mei as she realizes something is wrong with her tiny baby. the panda's death left a lot of folks heartbroken. countless people all over the world were following the cub's progress online. >> which left us wondering tonight, what exactly is it about pandas that account for this incredible loyalty and passionate following. matt jablow is on panda patrol tonight. >> reporter: i found out a lot of people head over heels in love with pandas, mostly because they said they're cute. but i also found a therapist who delved beneath the surface to help explain the love that pandas inspire. >> we're devastated. >> reporter: one day after the death of a baby panda, that one short week captured the attention and affection of people all across the washington area and
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beyond. a prosecute preliminary postmortem examination revealed certain physical problems with the baby panda. >> delivered by palpation, by touching, sounds a little bit hard in places. >> reporter: but they still don't know the exact cause of death. >> i don't think we can rule out anything at this point. >> reporter: what also isn't exactly understood is the country's long time fascination. >> i think they're cute. >> reporter: some would say obsession with pandas. >> i think they're a charismatic type of animal. >> reporter: it goes back 40 years when the pandas given to the u.s. by the chinese government first arrived at the national zoo. >> they're very, very cute. >> reporter: doctor anita smith is a psycho therapist from georgetown. she said pandas almost universal appeal has to do with not just how cute they are, but with how they evoke the fondest of childhood memories. >> the soft, cuddly, cute look
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of the panda, it brings back childhood memories. pandas give us a sense of fun and play that we all need in our lives. >> reporter: if you're hoping to get that sense of fun and play sometime soon, keep in mind that the panda exhibit at the national zoo is expected to remain closed for about another week. derek? >> thank you, matt. west nile virus claimed a second life in virginia. we know the victim lived in fairfax county, but health officials are not releasing any further details. the saying an apple a day keeps a doctor away, it's not true for a group of students at ballou senior high school in southeast. three of these students had to go to the hospital after they ate apples brought in by their teachers. the hazmat unit found nothing suspicious but the remaining apples were taken away for more testing. a middle high school student hit by a squad car friday night is in fair condition. 15-year-old richards was hit he she stepped into the road between two police cars. they were responding to a fight
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that had broken out after the football game. the officer's been placed on administrative leave. some western leaders would like to put iranian president on administrative leave. he's in new york for the u.n. general assembly, repeating denials about his country's nuclear program and saying today, israel will, quote, be eliminated. he makes a major address to the u.n. monday and president obama makes one tomorrow. they're both guaranteed to make news. gary nurenberg is here with that. >> reporter: the images of anti- american protests throughout the middle east in the past week have pushed off the front page the continuing tensions with iran. its development with nuclear weapons, israel's threat to strike iran and the tensions caused when the u.s. reminds the world of its allegiance to israel while at the same time telling tel-aviv to slow down. stir it all together and you may have 2012's greatest threat in this nuclear age. she blusters and threatens and
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raises diplomatic blood pressure every time he comes to new york for a general assembly session. in theory this is his last one. he says israel will be eliminated, too insignificant he says to worry about. >> they have no roots in history. iran is a vast great country that has been as such for thousands of years. again, they do not even enter the equation for iran. >> reporter: but in the equation, the possibility of an israeli strike on its nuclear facility. >> we do have all defensive means at our disposal and we are ready to defend ourselves. >> reporter: and his military leadership said sunday a preemptive strike by iran on israel is a possibility. on cbs this morning, he again denied iran is pursuing nuclear weapons. >> let's even imagine that we have an atomic weapon, a nuclear weapon. what would we do with it? what intelligent person would
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fight 5,000 american bombs with one bomb? also, because of our beliefs, we do not believe in a nuclear weapon. we are against it. >> reporter: israel has been chasing at american calls for restraint. president obama is likely to raise the issue in his own u.n. speech tuesday. >> i think the president needs to show that he is not doddling on the question of iran. >> we'll see tomorrow. as we said, this has been back burner in the public mind for much of the summer, but there remains right now the very real possibility of yet another war in the middle east. derek? >> thank you, gary. mitt romney insists his campaign doesn't need a turnaround. that from his 60 minutes interview. today the republican nominee plowed ahead with his economic message and hit president obama for comments he made on the same program. hundreds of supporters greeted romney as he arrived in pueblo, colorado. he's looking for votes in the battle ground state where a new poll shows president obama has
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the edge. romney pounced on the president's 60 minutes interview where he used the phrase bump in the road to talk about recent events in the middle east. >> these are not bumps in the road. these are human lives. these are developments we do not want to see. this is time for the president who will shape events in the middle east, not just be mercy full or being mercy of the events in the middle east. >> that assertion is both desperate and offensive. the president was referring to the transformations in the region. >> the president's campaign is rolling out a new ad attacking romney for saying 47% of americans who don't pay federal income tax see themselves as victims. the ad is airing in ohio. strong desert winds are fueling a deadly wildfire out west. that fire is ravaging is small town known as campo east of san diego and minutes from the mexican border. the fire broke out yesterday. no word on how it started but
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the flames already wiped out 20 homes. firefighters found a body inside one of them. neil armstrong may be best known for his historic walk on the moon, but today he was honored for his missions a lot closer to home. the navy is naming a brand-new class of research vessel in armstrong's honor and they're expected to be 238 feet long and have onboard laboratories. armstrong flew nearly 80 combat missions near the korean war as a naval aviator. the secretary of the navy said it serves as a reminder to never stop discovering. did you wait in line for the iphone 5 last week? tonight gary tells us about the time he waited for hours for the new hot thing. trust me, you don't want to miss tonight's let's be real. before you make your kids a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, we've got a salmonella warning right after the break. imagine if your body swelled up when you got stress,
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if there was a trigger. it happens to this man. wait until you hear about his rare disorder and how he's getting help. topp? >> we had a beautiful day. here's your wakeup weather. everybody will need a sweater or jacket in the morning, kids yourself included. mid-40s to mid-50s around 7:00. 52 to 62 by 9:00. we'll come back and talk about changes to the forecast. some days we may be better and some days it may be worse. shay tuned.
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a consumer alert now for all of us who like to shop at trader joe's. more peanut butter products are being recalled. salmonella is the big concern. avoid trader joe's valencia peanut butter and trader joe's almond butter with the roasted flax seed, crunchy and salted. if you have any of these varieties in your pantry, do not eat them. 30 folks have gotten sick in 18 states. in tonight's health alert, we highlight a capitol hill man who struggles with a rare genetic disorder that can be deadly. sudden triggers cause his body to suddenly expand and as well.
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when you see it it may remind you of the comic book character, the incredible hulk. >> if i catch a ball the wrong way or exert too much pressure on my hand, it will as well up to the point where you can't grab a pen. >> imagine living life every day knowing any time your life could transform. >> i got an attack this spring, maybe it was june. >> it's very rare. it's estimated one in 10,000, realistically probably 1 in 60,000 or 70,000. >> david lunn has lived that life for years. certain triggers like stress, fatigue and sudden movement can cause his body to blow up. much like the marvel comics character incredible hulk, except this isn't incredible at all. >> the disease will kill, has a 20% fatality rate if it's
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undiagnosed. >> david suffers from hereditary h.a.e., a relatively rare disorder that's caused by the lack of a crucial protein in the body. this leads to uncontrollable swelling, particularly of the face and airways. you can imagine how dangerous. experts are still trying to figure out exactly what triggers the condition. >> we don't really know. there's some things. stress clearly causes symptoms. trauma does. >> and the swelling is extremely painful. david was diagnosed at the national institutes of health in the 1970's when h.a.e. was newly identified. now there are several treatments to control the attacks. >> there's four new medications approved for it and one medicine is used for an acute attack. >> with that treatment, david can enjoy his travels and sail on the chesapeake bay without too much worry of anotherepisode. >> until recently he often was treated in the emergency room. now with the newer generations of medications he's been able to self treat which i think has been very, very nice for him. >> david doesn't become enraged
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and out of control like the hulk, but any stress or tension could trigger one of his swelling attacks which can be dangerous. a big help as you just heard is the self administrated medication that he can take right when the symptoms start. by the way, he has the very same thing. in addition to handing out the free condoms, some schools in new york city are handing out the morning-after pill. girls as young as age 14 will be able to get plan b and be able to get it without their parent's consent. the program is part after city wide effort to curb teen's pregnancy which causes most young women to drop out of school if it happens. while some says it's a bad idea, others say it doesn't encourage teen pregnancy but rather prevents it. >> that's a tough one there. >> yeah, it is. 70 today. >> very nice, moving on to weather. >> and a pretty chilly night. get the sweaters out. hopefully you laid out the sweaters for the kids.
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a live look outside brought to you by michael and son. high was 70 today. 60 downtown. most folks are in the 50s. some of the burbs already in the 40s. winds out of the south at 9 and the pressure 30.17 inches of mercury and steady. temps are 46 in fredericksburg. 46 in manassas. with the winds already turned to the southwest, temps are going to fall even a little further before midnight and then kind of level out. so i kept my mid-40s to mid- 50s. yes there could be low 40s out toward hagerstown and martinsburg. for the most part it will be chilly for the most parted. sweater for the bus stop. lots of sunshine in the morning. a few more clouds around tuesday afternoon than today because today was just a fantastic day. average temps on tuesday which means temps back into the mid,
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possibly upper 70s. on wednesday, much warmer. even a little touch of summer by the time we get into wednesday. we could hit 80, 81 degrees. overnight looks like this. clear and chilly. open the windows but not too far. mid-40s in the burbs. mid-50s downtown. winds out of the southwest at 10. this is actually pretty great weather. by morning, mostly sunny, breezy, a chilly start. jackets for the kids. 40s and 50s. southwest wind at 10-15 will crank up some milder air by afternoon. by afternoon partly cloudy, breezy, 75. winds out of the southwest at about 10 to 15. zone forecast, we'll make open 62 after 30s in the morning. 70 in cumberland as you jump the divide. mid-70s hagerstown, winchester. culpeper, upper 70s tomorrow. warrenton, fairfax, 75, 76.
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downtown, 76. mid-70s up to 70. mid to upper 70s into southern mere land. small craft advisory goes into effect actually tomorrow afternoon. we'll break it down. 467 to 56 at 6:00. and then by noon very nice. 68 to 72. partly cloudy, still great by evening. 72 to about 76. now, the next three days code green. nice tomorrow, 76. yes, we've got a shower or thunderstorm in on wednesday. 82, we'll take that temperature. these storms or showers could actually be in the morning for wednesday morning commute. we'll keep you posted on that. showers possible on thursday, but a better looking day now with temperatures in the mid- 70s. better chance for showers south of town. next seven days, showers possible again on friday. got the ravens in town thursday night. maybe a shower. temps in the 60s. looks a little better though. on the weekend unsettled. if the nor'easter develops, we'll have rain.
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if it stays out to sea, we'll be in better shape. monday the nats back in town. low 70s, meteor shower. >> that's pretty good. >> the weekend is improving. we're tweaking already. >> thanks, topper. we've got an update to the breaking news we brought you at the top of the newscast. the daily parking garage just reopened at dulles international airport. police shut it down several hours ago. some people have been waiting the whole time to get to the vehicles so they could get home. both the hourly and economy flights have been opened the whole time. no flights were affected. a record setting weekend for apple. more than five million iphones 5 were sold. some view it as a disappointment. wall street analysts anticipated the sales closer to $6 million but tim cook, the ceo, says he was pretty pleased with those results. how could he not be pleased?
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he has products that somehow make otherwise rational people leave their homes and camp outside just to buy one. while many of you may think these people are crazy, derek says he knows they are. >> i have a confession for you. back midnight, october 26, the year 2000, i then a 41-year-old man, am one of thousands around the nation waiting outside in an unseasonably cold autumn night for the privilege of spending $300 for one of the brand-new sony play station 2's. as i'm standing there freezing my butt off, i'm thinking to myself, why am i doing this? why did i have to have this right now? because that's what it's all about, right? the fact that i would be able to walk into the same store a month later and buy ten of them, no problem, that really didn't matter. and it still doesn't matter not to those who will seemingly do anything just to be the first with a brand-new iphone. bloggers from the front lines
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so to speak say a lot of these folks felt the same way about the old iphone and maybe even about the one before that. they're now back again not so much for the device anymore, but for the camaraderie, the experience, the fun. i know, right? but who am i to judge? i once waited outside with numb fingers until 2:00 in the morning for a now, long- outdated piece of technology i have since replaced countless times with newer better stuff. the only difference between me and them? i'll never do it again. anita? >> all right, derek. i've never done that before. >> no, i haven't either. >> i don't see the point. >> no. the refs, the calls, the controversy continues and our coaches are in the thick of it. >> right in the middle. the two sides are talking still but there's really no progress being made. unfortunately, they're going to have them again this week. we've heard from papa and son shanahan about some of the
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unsportsmanlike penalties but how dot players kneel? the captain of the defense speaks out. the road for the nats only gets tougher. a look ahead when sports returns.
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there are just nine games left to play in the nationals regular season schedule. of course, we know they're already playoff bound but they're getting closer to clenching their division. a big we know today off milwaukee, their magic number to just 5. they crushed the browers in today's -- brewers in today'smatinee. the nats are the last team to have beat hamils and that was august 2nd. the sooner the nats can clinch, the starters can sit down and rest which gives the nats an advantage come october. >> obviously the most important thing is to get that taken care of. we can rest november if we really had to. if we can win a few games here and get it taken care of, because some of our guys a couple days off. it definitely would be an advantage. >> and a mixed bag today for
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the orioles hosting the blue jays. first game, adam jones picks up his 32nd homer of the year. o's take the matinee. but the role's reversed in game 2. a grand slam in the 7th as the j's take the nightcap 9-5. the two sides back at it tomorrow. the nfl today showing it's serious about punishing those who criticize the referees. denver's john fox and assistant coach del rio were find for verbally abusing the refs. others are under investigation including kyle shanahan. at the end of their loss to cincinnati, shanahan had choice words that aren't appropriate for me to share with you about the men in stripes. it's going to be an ongoing issue this week as well but the redskins realize they're not the only ones being affected. >> you can get frustrated. you can see this, say that whatever the case may be. you know, it's a situation
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we're all dealing with, both teams. sometimes they get it right. sometimes they get it wrong. can't make excuses. >> that wasn't the difference in winning or losing the game, but those things do occur. you would like cooler heads that prevail and, you know, that's what i expect. >> kyle shanahan did release a statement through the redskins. it reads in part i was frustrated and in the process of trying to get some answers from the officials i conducted myself in the wrong way. my emotions got the best of me. i know my responsibility. this will never happen again. all right, don't forget to vote in our high school game of the week poll. we have great rivalries for you to choose from. damascus at sherwood. three huge matchups in northern virginia. go to to vote. >> great week in sports. >> busy one. >> we'll be back in a minute.
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talk about getting a bang for yourbling. a jewelry store outside atlanta ran a promotion over the weekend. spend $20 on a diamond ring and you get a free gun, a hunting rifle. the man who came up with this said it generated a lot of buzz. while some folks really liked
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it, others as you might imagine did not. either way doesn't really matter. the whole thing was legal. >> not romantic, fyi. >> depends on the lady. a missouri woman got quite a scare today. check out the boa constrictor under her car. animal control officers sprayed it with water to loosen its grip. they finally got it out of there. >> you tell me that lady wouldn't rather have a gun than a diamond when she found a snake under her car. okay? >> only derek can figure that. >> we've got to go. >> good night, everybody. you.
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